Brexit & Covid-19


… is a historical disruption for the UK and the EU. Beyond all political debate it puts businesses on either shore of the Channel under unprecedented pressure to adapt to a new reality as quickly as possible. Being both a UK and a German citizen, I find myself in a rather privileged position, allowing me to see new opportunities rather than having to absorb the shockwaves first. No matter how you feel about Brexit politically, let’s start building new bridges together.

COVID-19 …

… is a historical disruption for the entire world. Its immediate impact left many businesses wanting for feasible crisis response resources. This crisis is a wakeup call to re-assess our notion that we are invincible, start mapping possible scenarios, devise respective strategies, and strengten our crisisresilience with regard to this current as well as possible future crises—be they “thrown at us from the outside” or self-inflicted. A fundamental rule of survival: Start moving. Now.


As an independent service provider I understand that Brexit and Corona have a particularly devastating impact on freelancers and small enterprises. Unfortunately, they usually are the weakest members (at least financially) of our system. I offer a limited contingent of free coaching hours to freelancers and entrepreneurs who were hit by both Brexit and Corona.

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