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You run a start-up, an established SME, a NGO/NPO, or you are a private individual. Your team is international. Your operational scope is international. Your challenges are international.

Yet when it comes to finding support in solving your conflict or alleviating your crisis you have to pay for an army of experts working for international consulting firms who charge top fees for the big global players. Otherwise you have to depend on your local consultants who often lack international expertise. This is a problem.

You found a unique solution: As a single-point contact I offer my services combining interdisciplinary expertise in law, economics, business administration, psychology, and international relations with respective international cross-section work experience. I can offer this solution by providing upscale quality standards defined by international consulting firms for the big global players. Simultaneously I downscale the contract volume and use progressive methods to match your requirements. You no longer need to decide between quality and cost, waste resources trying to co-ordinate the work of individual experts, and to fuse their separate and often contradictory advice into a holistic strategy yourself. Get the support you need for a price you can afford.

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